Common Maintenance Solutions

Below are some common maintenance issues that come up frequently for our tenants.  If you could use these questions to find the root of the problem it will aid us in fixing the problem for you in a more efficient and quicker manner.

No Heat:

  • Did you pay your gas bill?
  • Is your pilot light on?
  • Have you changed your furnace filter regularly?
  • Is the power on?


No Hot Water:

  • Did you pay your gas bill?


Slow or Low Water Pressure:

  • Clean Screens on faucets?
  • Is there water line work in the neighborhood? Check with the city.


Light Out/Don’t Work:

  • Change the bulb?
  • Check circuit breaker?
  • Is power out in the neighborhood? Check with power company


Toilet Backed Up/Over Flowing:

  • Did you or your kids drop anything down there?
  • Did you try to plunge it?
  • Shut off water valve behind toilet if continuously flowing over.


Water Spraying Everywhere:

  • Shut off water supply to house or appliance