Looking For Property Management?

Riverside Management is a full service real estate management and investment company. We conduct ourselves with utmost honesty and integrity and will always be open and transparent in our dealing with all property owners and tenants. We aim to provide exceptional service to all clients. We will always be flexible in our approach and maintain the highest ethical standards.

“Our mission at Riverside Management is to create and maintain value for our clients through the professional management of income producing properties.”
-Chris Shaw, Owner

What sets Riverside Management apart from others is our marketing expertise

Marketing Techniques:

We employ what we call the Marketing Matrix; which was developed exclusively by Riverside Management. The exact execution of the Marketing Matrix is proprietary; however the components of it are as follows:

• Regular Inspections to optimize “curb appeal”
• Vast resources of on line listing services including Google, Yahoo, ForRent.com, Hotpads.com, Bing, Vast, Trulia, and Rentals.com listings
• Yard and Building Signage Including Special Banners
• Local advertisement flyers including Classified Ads in local papers
• Open Houses
• Involvement in local networking groups, and multiple business and community organizations
• Postcard Mailings to renters
• Existing tenant surveys and Referral bonuses
• A rotating schedule of leasing specials
• On-line advertising through Forrent.com which includes a printed booklet in Spanish and English distributed in 100’s of locations in Chicagoland
• Website promotion

Tenant Qualifications:
Our tenant selection process includes;
• Verification of employment
• Verification of rental history
• A full criminal background search
• A full credit report.

“Our background in banking and lending gives us a clear advantage in assessing the credit worthiness of our tenants.”
-Riverside Management

Managing Tenant Relationships:
We manage the tenant relationship through a variety of channels. We have a monthly newsletter that goes out. We also send out monthly rent statements. We can use each of these pieces as an opportunity to communicate with our tenants. Not to mention our extensive email list.

We offer referral bonuses to tenants who refer prospects to us who eventually sign leases. We also offer specials to existing tenants to renew their leases (either clean the carpet or new paint in one room). We normally contact tenants 90 days prior to expiration of their lease so that we can get them to renew. Renewals provide what we like to call “traction and momentum” for the operation of the property. The single most avoidable cost in the rental business is vacancy cost; primarily lost rent. We track the longevity of tenants in various buildings to evaluate how to extend the average length of occupancy for the tenant.

Maintaining Properties: We treat your investment as our own investment
Tenants can submit maintenance requests on-line to our office. We can also give them email updates on the status on their maintenance requests. We also offer all the traditional form of placing and checking on submitted maintenance requests. Our technicians are highly certified with extensive Property Maintenance backgrounds. Leading to turnkey, professional maintenance support focused on not only maintaining, but increasing the value of your investment.

We Collect, Protect, and Maintain 24/7
As far as collection and tenant relationships we feel it’s very important to address any collection issue quickly and consistently. We employ a “collection calendar” which spells out how the collection process should flow. We make courtesy calls for anyone who has not paid their rent starting on the 2nd of the month. Late charges are applied as per the lease agreement and regular contact is made with the tenants who have not paid. A five day notice is sent out, usually around the 7th of the month. If payment is not received, a second notice is sent. If payment is not received the file is sent to the attorney for eviction.
Professional and Specialized Software:
We strive to use technology to improve service to our clients. Owners are notified when service requests come in on their property. Owners also have secure access to their “Owner Portal” where you can see statements and reports on your property. You can also contact our staff through your portal.

Our tenants can log on through their secure “Tenant Portal” to view their statements or to get essential information from us. They can also submit services requests through their portal as well.

“We are specialized as a real estate management company, not simply a real estate broker who is trying their hand in management services.”
-Riverside Management

We have over 20 years of experience in managing income property.