Types of Property Management We Offer

In order to satisfy our client’s and prospective client’s ever growing and changing business needs we have 3 types of property management services that we can offer.  Each one addresses certain needs that we have seen throughout our years of experience to help satisfy every one of our  client’s needs.

Full Service Property Management

The first is full service.  This includes day to day management, rent billing and collection, accounting functions and reporting, maintenance services, access to our extension vendor network and office support.  This works great for our out of town owners or for those who would rather not deal with the day to day issues of the rental business.

We utilize our Marketing Matrix which is our marketing technique that was exclusively developed by Riverside Management.  This Marketing Matrix allows us for massive market penetration to ensure that we rent your property in a timely manner.

When we find that prospective tenant we run them through our tenant qualification process with our set requirements to ensure that we find a proper tenant for your property.

If you are looking for more off a hands off approach to property management then this is the service for you.

A La Carte Property Management

The second is we handle the leasing and renewal functions by using our proprietary marketing matrix and act as a point of contact for the tenant.  The owner is responsible for day to day management of the property, including collection of rent, payment of bills and accounting functions.  The tenant will mail you the rent and you would pay all the bills.

As the point of contact, however, the tenant would call us for any problems; either emergency issues or maintenance issues.  We will then contact you as the owner to get direction.  Either you can handle the issue directly or we can take care of it for you.  Its completely up to you!

You could also give us a call when you have a collection problem.  We can act as your agent to help expidite the legal process of an eviction.  This would be an additional charge, but only if you need our help!

You get the best of both worlds;  full professional representation when you need it, a convenient buffer  between you and the tenant, access to our maintenance staff and vendors (at your discretion), and the ability to keep your costs down!

Leasing Only Property Management

The third is a leasing only for your single family homes.  Just looking for someone to find a tenant and then you handle everything else?  Then this is the service for you.

Previously, this service was offered exclusively to those who had a full service management agreement with Riverside.  Now we are opening up our specialized expertise to those looking for leasing services only!

We will use our proprietary Marketing Matrix to cover all aspects of marketing your home.

Our average time to rent a home is 20% faster than the MLS average; which equates to more rental income and less vacant time.

You get professional, experienced and specialized leasing help at a very competitive cost.  Our fee, of one months rent to place a tenant, is very comparable to those who do not specialize in leasing.

PLUS, you get access to our experience, vendors and systems if you need them in the future.  Need help with maintenance?  You can give us a call. Need help with collections?  You can give us a call. Need help finding a contractor for a new roof, siding, windows, etc.?  You can give us a call. Need to evict a tenant but they just won’t leave?  You can give us a call.